Our Aim

1. Local bipartisan group of watercolor painters
2. Contribute and stimulate local art culture through various activities
3. Improving our painting skills by competition
4. Promoting the concept internationally
5. Maintaining the quality level as the aim for local painters
6. Activities are mainly done through the internet
7. Activities are voluntarily conducted by members and sponsor members

We hope that our intention and aim will be well understood by watercolor painters world wide and allowing more participants to join G.N.W.P. Application form for the G.N.W.P. Your name and address. Your e-mail address Your current art school or group where you belong to. Title of your works Personal comment on your work. General judgment Fee Please send your application materials to below mentioned G.N.W.P. by attaching a photo copied proof of the payment. G.N.W.P. Head office Address. ——————, Shizuoka, Japan Bank. Account nr. Bank of Shizuoka, Mikkabi branch, Shizuoka, Japan



Hiroshi Ueno, Toshihide Sakurai, Marina Saito

JAPAN(Hiroshi Ueno)
KOREA(Jae-Youl Kim)
CHINA(Yao Erchang)
U. K.

HAMAMATSU(Hiroshi Ueno)
MAEBASHI(Under constraction)
TOKYO(Under constraction)
OSAKA(Under constraction)
NAGOYA(Under constraction)

INCHEON(Jae-Youl Kim)

SHANGHAI(Yao Erchang)

SANTA BARBARA(Under constraction)

LONDON(Under constraction)


The Role of Head office

1. Update of internet gallery exhibition (4times / year).
2. Creation and distribution of e-mail news.
3. Promotion of new region office and administration of this organization.
(The chairman of G.N.W.P. to be elected by local leaders)
4. Holding the web congress of main office.
(Planning of the annual projects. Making reports of the achievementand and giving an approval to them. Report an approval of annual financial report of budgets. Reelection of officers (every 2 years)
5. Making a list of all members and distribution
(Updating member’s list i.e. name, address, contact information etc.)
6. Promoting N.G.P. for N.P.O.
7. Organization of international exibitions with exchange between region offices.
8. Others

The Role of Region office

-Making a plan of the activities and execution
-Organizing local exhibitions
-Organizing exchange exhibitions with other local groups
-Organizing parties with the members of local groups
-Updating the list of members’ name, address, contact information, etc.
-Collection of membership fees.

1. Making a list of local group’s members
2. Collecting fees for local and head offices
3. Organizing exhibitions for the local group;
– It has to be more than once a year in principal.
– It will not only to display the works but to sell them to the public.
– The participants to consult to the local officer for his or her selling price and the prices to be printed in the pamphlets.
– 15% of sales to be paid for the head office and 20% for the gallery and that makes 65% of sales to be for own.
– The works have to be smaller than 20F i.e. 760mm x 560mm imperial paper size that is suitable for private display.
– paintings may be submitted per person each time.
– The exhibitions to be planned as close contact as possible with other group.
4. Congress of liaison office to be organized during the period of local exhibition


Please apply for the next juried exhibition expected on –day, –month, –year with your 7 digitally photographed pictures of your work. The picture size must be between 25cm and 30cm in length that to be attached with the form. The form is shown in the next page.
The actual works must be of between 6 and 20F in paper size. The subject  and style have to be the same. For example portrait, still life, landscape and abstract. The works must be made by yourself. The main medium of the painting must be of aquarelle.
The selection will be carried out by all leader of  offices. More than two third of the votes are necessary to pass the selection. The result will be known by the internet within a week . The successful applicants will be informed with the list of members, agenda and other information.  For the unsuccessful applicants will be personally advised with some hints where to improve.
For the participants who do not find an existing liaison office near by will be invited to a suitable office where one can belong to temporarily until a new office in the area was established.