I presume that, in general, watercolor painters present their works at exhibitions organized by a group which they belong to or at individual exhibitions if they do not belong to any particular group.
In November 2008 there was a small exhibition in Hamamatsu, Japan.
It was not only an exhibition to be appreciated by the local enthusiasts, regardless to which group they belong, but it also aimed to stimulate the relationship among watercolor painters.
At that get-acquainted meeting, there was a suggestion that our activities should not be limited only in Japan, but it should expand to other countries as well.
After considering the suggestion, a new idea was born: make connections with other watercolor painters through the internet.
Then, a small group of painters who supported the idea was formed.
The group that initially started the activity has grown rapidly.
Each local exhibition has been welcoming international exchange exhibitions and it has encouraged the improvement of each other as well as the promotion of international goodwill.

Hiroshi Ueno