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Why I Am Happily Married

It may appear to be egotistical for me to state that I am joyfully hitched, since I have just been hitched for a brief span and have not endured numerous pitiful or disillusioning encounters with my significant other up ’til now, yet this article isn’t totally about us all things considered, however the perfect marriage […]

Contemplations on Marrying Well

I’ve had two or multiple times in showing a thing or two in chapel that I emphatically (STRONGLY, STRONGLY) needed to urge any single individuals in the class the significance of “wedding admirably”. Here’s a little about what that way to me. “Wedding Well” doesn’t mean wedding for cash. What’s more, it doesn’t intend to […]

Understanding the Things That Causes Delay in Getting Married and How to Deal With Them

Dread of wedding the off-base individual. For the thing I enormously dreaded has happened upon me, and what I feared has transpired. Employment 3:25 Be restless for little more than, in everything by prayer…let your solicitations be made known to God. Philippians 4:6 Uncertainty is a disorder. Stress is an illness. Tension is a grave. […]